Trellis System Green Wall

Cable Trellis ‘Green Walls’

Atmosphy have a green wall solution for every space, large or small including creating green facades and vertical landscaping using cable wire, trellising or meshes. Offering a unique and affordable solution to bring plant life into offices, workplaces and exterior walls. By providing a support system for climbing or trailing plants in unique shapes ‘green walls’ and living infrastructure can be created of all shapes and sizes. Atmosphy can design, install and maintain the perfect green wall structure suited to your individual needs.

On building facades climbing plant life provides thermal controls, shading and cooling the property through the hotter months and insulating though the Winter. This micro-climate assists in reducing building costs whilst providing vertical plant environments for occupants or wildlife to enjoy.

Internally they are the perfect alternative to hard divisions between offices and work-stations, allowing for a degree of privacy and separation. A great, green, sustainable alternative to glass or plasterboard dividers that all the occupants can enjoy and relish.

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