Moss & Preserved Plant Green Walls

Moss and Preserved Plant Green Walls

Moss and preserved plant walls are ideal for indoor environments seeking a connection to nature and plant life. They offer the huge benefits of being eternally evergreen, whilst not requiring any soil medium, maintenance or water provision, yet still providing a level of air-purification. With Atmosphy’s moss walls you can breathe easy in the knowledge that our team of experts will skilfully design and install a spectacular hand-crafted moss or preserved plant green wall suited to your space at home, in cafes, restaurants or in your workplace. Moss walls can come in a range or shapes, sizes and even colours to suit your décor and style.

Please contact our team today to see which green wall or vertical garden system suits you, we provide bespoke designs for every unique space: click here for an enquiry form or contact 1300 425 600

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