Green Walls & Vertical Gardens

Green Walls & Vertical Gardens

Much of our lives are spent surrounded by concrete walls and computer screens, this separation from nature has been proven to have a negative effect on our health and well-being. Atmosphy brings life & nature to your home or business with unique green walls and bespoke planting designs. Something we call Greenscaping, an innovative solution for those small under-utilised spaces indoors or out on balconies, rooftops and courtyards as well as unused spaces such as walls, fences & facades, transforming them into stunning green, life filled areas, dramatically enhancing the look & feel of your surroundings, whilst reducing pollutants and improving air-quality.

Atmosphy design, create & maintain a wide range of green wall styles to suit your space including our own design; the GROWSTAR  vertical garden. Our design is fully irrigated, uses our own pre-grown mature plants directly from our GROWFARM based in Melbourne, and offers an array of beautiful foliage specifically designed with your conditions and space in mind. We can find a vertical plant displays or green wall solution for homes, restaurants, hotels, cafes, schools and childcare centres, wherever an injection of nature is called for.

A living green wall transforms your environment into a fresher, cleaner and more beautiful space. Working with our expert team of designers we can find the best green wall or vertical garden display solution to suit your interior or exterior area, whether that be a vertical garden, preserved plant or moss wall in an office or a cable trellis green wall in an atrium or courtyard. Atmosphy’s team are available to meet with you and provide a complimentary design consultation, concept plan and after-care program especially for your workplace or home. All of our Greenscaping solutions from indoor plants to green walls can be hired on a short term basis for styling and events, or on a long term basis which is ideal for offices and workplaces or fully purchased.

Please contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation for your Green wall and Greenscaping solutions: click here for an enquiry form, email or call 1300 425 600

How we work: Atmosphy Vertical Gardens

Before installation begins, we first consult with you to ensure your property is well suited to a green wall. This includes visiting the site to determine lighting conditions, mains water access and the type of facade the vertical garden will be attached to. We’ll also discuss the types of plants you wish to install and cater for any design requests you may have.

The next stage involves designing your vertical garden. Whether you’re getting a living plant wall for a business or for the home, we’ll provide you with detailed concept design plans and an accurate estimate that lists all costs, including vertical gardens maintenance.

Once the design stage is finalised, an installation date will be set within 1 to 2 weeks. We select mature plants from our GROW FARM that have been growing in vertical garden conditions, ensuring they will look great as soon as our team finishes your green wall

The final step is to consider ongoing maintenance (optional but highly recommended). This includes trimming foliage, controlling pests, renewing plants, fertilising and checking irrigation to help keep your green wall looking great all year round.

What are the Benefits of Having a Vertical Garden?

Improved Air Quality
Aesthetically Pleasing
Reduced Costs
Improved Health
Increased Humidity
Reduced Background Noise

Read more about how vertical gardens can have a great positive effect on your life!

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