Atmosphy – About Us

Atmosphy is comprised of a team of proud botanical enthusiasts and conservationists who are dedicated to delivering fantastic vertical garden installations and sustainable irrigation systems. Our highly trained experts work closely with clients to accommodate their requirements. From urban garden design and sustainable building design through to modular green wall system solutions and more, we can provide a wide range of urban gardening solutions.


“The Grow Farm” – We Grow Our Own Plants

We pride ourselves in growing our own plants in our own facilities in Melbourne. Our vast knowledge and experience enables us to have full control over the growth and maintenance processes, guaranteeing healthy and gorgeous plants at any time and season. This also means that we can provide a larger range of plants, alongside more green wall designs and options, as we monitor the plant growth and make sure we do not run out of stock.
We believe that if you are good in doing something, do it yourself. Therefore, you can rest assure that Atmosphy will be with you all the way when installing and maintaining beautiful green walls and living designs.

A Strong Reputation

We’ve developed a strong reputation for providing the very best indoor and outdoor vertical gardens and green landscaping installations. This includes urban gardening & green roof systems, sustainable architecture, indoor wall planters, indoor hanging garden solutions, plants for vertical gardens, and much more.
We also pride ourselves on making the health and wellbeing of our clients a top priority, choosing plants suitable for vertical gardens that help to improve your wellbeing. In addition, we boast over 15 years of experience and use a hands-on approach that elevates us above the competition.

Get in touch with Atmosphy today for more information about our urban garden design and installation services. Simply call us on 1300 425 600 or message us online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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