Atmosphy – About Us

Atmosphy offer Greenscaping solutions: bringing plant life and green design to all spaces and situations.

Our proud team of botanical enthusiasts and conservationists are dedicated to delivering fantastic plant displays for your home, garden or workplace, including vertical garden installations, green walls, green roofs and attractive indoor plants. In addition, we boast over 15 years of experience and use a hands-on approach that elevates us above the competition.

Our highly trained experts work closely with our clients to accommodate their requirements across indoor and outdoor spaces, providing a wide range of urban planting solutions, from garden design and landscaping to indoor plants for workplaces. We have years of experience in plantscaping, working alongside architects, interior designers and homeowners to provide living infrastructure and green designs. Atmosphy implement Greenscaping solutions in new-builds, workplaces, offices, schools, childcare centres and across the hospitality industry, amongst other places across Melbourne and Australia.

With Atmosphy you can breathe easy knowing that we pride ourselves in making the wellbeing of our clients a top priority, choosing suitable plants for vertical gardensand indoor plant displays to enhance your health and purify the air.

We offer a complimentary consultation at your property to determine the conditions and your unique plant requirements, we then provide a free bespoke Greenscaping concept design for your consideration. Atmosphy also offer a comprehensive after-care and maintenance programme for your green wall or planting scheme. Our indoor plants & green walls are available for short-term hire for events & styling purposes, leased long term or simply purchased outright.

Get in touch with Atmosphy today for more information. Simply call us on 1300 425 600 or message us online or email info@atmosphy.com.au

“The GROW FARM” – We Grow Our Own Plants

We pride ourselves in growing our own plants in our nursery in Melbourne which we lovingly call our “GROW FARM”. Our vast knowledge and experience enables us to guarantee healthy and gorgeous plants for your Greenscaping solutions and living green wall designs. Many of our plants start life in vertical conditions, in the very pots we use in our green wall systems, ensuring from an early stage that they grow into forward flowing, mature foliage ready for installation into our Atmosphy GROWSTAR Vertical Garden without the need for transplantation or lengthy waiting periods. Allowing us to provide you with an instantly beautiful, lush and verdant vertical garden.

Our Story

Our story begins in the diverse and natural landscape of New Zealand. Born and raised on a small farm, Laura’s love for nature sprouted at a young age. A budding conservationist and aspiring botanist, Laura set up her own natural sanctuary in the family greenhouse, running out of space she decided to take to the walls, propagating and germinating a vast array of the most exotic and theatrical varieties, proving herself as a horticultural prodigy. With a passion for nature, thirst for knowledge and a can-do attitude Atmosphy was born.

“I am passionate about increasing our cities exposure to plant life and incorporating it into our everyday way of life, we can’t all live on farms but we can benefit from greening our surroundings with new ways to maximise our greenprint”.

“Over the last 15 years, we’ve perfected vertical gardening systems and invented a unique sustainable irrigation system. We pride ourselves on our conservation abilities, our ability to source materials locally, our tendency to use organic plant food for optimal nutrition, and our willingness to carry out monthly maintenance visits to evaluate the condition of your wall mounted planters and vertical gardens.” 

Get in touch with Atmosphy today for more information. Simply call us on 1300 425 600 or message us online or email info@atmosphy.com.au

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