Our story begins in the diverse and
natural landscape of New Zealand.

Born and raised on a small farm, Laura’s love for nature sprouted at a young age.
A budding conservationist and aspiring botanist, Laura set up her own natural sanctuary in the family greenhouse.
She began growing plants and flowers of the most exotic and theatrical varieties, proving herself as a horticultural prodigy.
Upon relocating to the bustling metropolis of Brisbane, Laura began perfecting her own vertical gardening
installations and invented a unique sustainable irrigation system.
Wanting to combine her passion and talent for gardens with a fresh take on modern design,
Atmosphy was born. With over 15 years of experience in creating and installing growing solutions,
Atmosphy is a natural choice for anyone considering bringing the outside in with a living wall.

Why we are

At Atmosphy, our vision is to juxtapose the beauty of the natural environment with the style and innovation of the contemporary built environment. We thrive in the realm of creativity, and transforming your space with an individual garden wall is what we do best.

With the Breathe Easy philosophy forming the foundation of our business practices, Atmosphy always keeps the health and wellbeing of our clients at the heart of our vertical greening operations.

We welcome commissions both large and small, private, public or commercial. We collaborate with our clients believing that shared expertise will nurture the best results.

To separate us from our competitors, we have a vast selection of plants, each boasting unique qualities and characteristics. In addition, our bespoke vertical irrigation system and hands-on approach are tailored to ensure the health and sustainability of your vertical garden.

We take great pride in satisfying our clients.